RU*Ashatan Zilber
RU*Ashatan Zilber
Date of birth:
23 December, 2010
black-silver tabby (ns 22)
Ashatan Angelika
Lucky Coon Silver
Titova Natalia
Kristina Chaikina
About Ram

Ashatan Zilber (Ram ) is big and wonderful boy with gentle character.

He is known as Ram and if You saw him on the show You couldn't pass by, - he has charisma of a great star :) And... When someone take a look at him it's most likely that this person will take a maine coon cat in future as Ram wins every hearth with all his kind wild nature... And as You've probably guessed already, my hearth couldn't resist his charm too :)

Photos with Ram
Kittens Ram
02 April, 2013 Litter "A":
Quasar Angelina Jolie
Color: n 22 03
Sex: Female
Status: Sold
Quasar Alister Great
Color: ns 22
Sex: Male
Status: Sold
Quasar A Mad Love
Color: fs 22
Sex: Female
Status: Sold
Quasar Amelie Amusante
Color: ns 22 03
Sex: Female
Status: Sold
Quasar Argent Fidget
Color: ns 22
Sex: Male
Status: Sold
Free - the kitten is free and looking for a new lovely family :)
Option - kitten interested, but You are free to ask about this baby.
Reserved - this baby was reserved for new home :)
Sold - this baby has found his new home and family ^_^