Welcome to the world of Maine Coons Cattery Quasar !
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We are small maine coons cattery in Russia (in the capital of Chuvash Republic - city Cheboksary).
Our cattery is registered in WCF system.

During all my life I always had some animals in my home. As I was very compassionate child there was homeless animals in my home very often (I can't say that my parents was happy about this, but they also try to help them ^_^).
So, I love animals very much and I love nature at all :)

When I saw maine coon cat and read about this breed at first I was just impressed and amazed with their beauty, charm, size and angel characters! At one moment I understand that such cat is my dream. Actually it was really very big and fervent dream: I spent a lot of time reading about this breed and looking at different catteries, cats and kittens (like maine coon maniac =^_^=).

Some time later it was just an ordinary day when I finally managed to find my first cat - beautiful silver baby with big, beautiful eyes). It was unbelievable happiness when she appeared in my home, - one of unforgettable moments of our life (like every cat, who came to me - it's new piece of this happy memories). After we spent some time together I understood that one maine coon cat is not enough :) And then little by little all my beloved, my beautiful cats appeared at my home: each of them has his/her own story of my love and traveling to me, but I'm absolutely sure that all of them are our happiness and our destiny!

Except maine coons we have two other special animals in our home: Kuka - a little dog (mini-toy-terrier) and sweet and lovely ferret-boy - Timon :) They appeared in my home before maine coons: Timon is not very young boy and has special character and many people refused from him, but he became a full member of our family, - he's very fun and playful child, but like every ferret he sleeps most of the time :) Kuka is a small-tiny girl whose weight is 1.5 kg and who loves cats more than any other animals :)

All our cats, dog and ferret are our full members of our family, we love and respect them and for us they are like our own children with personality and character, features and habits. It's happiness to have all of them in my home and in my life! When You fall asleep to this purring-sound You'll found that this is the best way of sleeping! :)

So, I want to wish everyone who will read this to find Your own happiness (and not only one ^_^) and to share love with these beautiful and amazing animals!

Why we are Quasar? :)

From a childhood I was very inquiring person: I always want to know what is happened and why it's happened and I always feel this enchanting feeling about greatness and splendor of nature, our world and universities. More I learned and more I saw I was charmed by this world and I think that it's perfect creature: from molecules until all sonar system and another galaxies :)

The sky... The sky has always fascinated people with its immensity and freedom, makes many hearts beat faster, and the night sky fascinates and inspires with its stellar beauty. But a lot of secrets are hidden from human sight and space is still full of unknown wonders! One of these wonders is the Quasar! Quasar - it's extremely luminous, very energetic and distant active galactic nucleus - we can say that it is her heart - it's incredibly beautiful objects! And when I saw these models of these objects from Hubble space telescope I was impressed with this powerful beauty of Quasar and with infinity and ideality of our universe! So, I've decided that my cattery of such a perfect, powerful, beautiful and full of energy breed like maine coons should has this name and now maine coon cattery Quasar welcomes You here and in the world of maine coons in a whole! :)

And as we have been named in an honor of such incredible object in the whole universe we will do all the best for our cats to be a beautiful stars in cat's world!

We want to wish You to have a good time traveling in the world of the maine coon cattery Quasar!
With love and best wishes, Kristina and family :)